Tomaso Marcolla

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Tomaso Marcolla was born in 1964, in Trento, Italy, where he currently lives and works. Graduated from the Art Institute of Trento, he began to work as graphic designer in 1985. A member of the AIAP (Italian Association for the planning of visual communication) and member of BEDA (Bureau of European Designers Associations). He begins to experiment his passion for art with watercolors, “also applying them on non-traditional backgrounds, from Japanese paper to chalk.” Later, his works become a fusion between graphic, pictorial, digital art and illustration, creating ainteresting relationship, a technical and communicative interchange between the professional and artistic activity. Pen, collage, photography and computer graphics. Digital art is well suited to the frenzy of the current times: “I choose it for its immediacy and the speed of realization – he remarks- in addition, of course, to the effect. However, I don’t neglect other techniques such as pen, acrylic, figurative. The effect of the digital art is immediate, including the possibility to post it instantly on the web” The rights to have an employment, the economic crisis, the solidarity, the nonviolence, the preservation of the environment: the subjects and inspirations of Marcolla’s cartoons come from the current news. “Watching television, talking to people, listening to a joke” this is how the artist from Trento finds an opportunity to grab the pen (and the mouse) in his hand and to represent the reality “in a way that make people think, and also smile, although sometimes I deal with very serious issues” His “Posters”, created by assembling graphic techniques, photography and computer graphics, have received international awards. A conceptual pathway, oriented to a deep reflection on the communicative possibilities of the new digital processing means.

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