theatre must be
more cheerful»
K. S. Stanislavskij


TheatreFactory Studio is a new cultural center that promotes a Creative Theatre. It offers workshops, classes, and support for both professional artists and artists who are just embarking upon theatre studies.

TheatreFactory Studio represents a humble action of resistance to the present day cultural attitudes that often prevent the development of an intellectual, independent and competent creative work. These beliefs are in favor of a more conservative and safe cultural approach, that generally considers any new, provocative and cultural contributions as suspicious. We are a small Poetic Theatre Company whose purpose is to promote and inspire Creative Theatre in the surrounding community and to awaken it to revolutionary social, cultural, and political ideas as a way to change the attitude of the world we live in.

We put in action our own ideas along with experience and technical abilities, by promoting workshops and laboratories, and forging new cultural concepts, methods and modus operandi. By rejecting the culture of processed thoughts – an endless carousel of the same theme – and claiming the motto “thinking before speaking”, we take its lack of substance as a platform for authentic, prolific and significant growth in progress of our artistic route.

TFS is intended to be a platform where the experiences of different and multidisciplinary entities (such as theaters and educational foundations) meet and exchange ideas to develop artistic, didactic and editorial projects. Its goal, perhaps ambitious, is to renovate and rebuild the concept of creativity. We must awaken the creativity that lies hidden within us all and truly reflect and respond to the world we live in.


TheatreFactory Studio was formed in Rome, Italy by Elena Vannoni. Upon the successful production of Philip Ridley’s play “The Pitchfork Disney” in 2007, TFS focused on evolving its creative research and expanding its borders to Berlin (home of the most active European theatre scene).  The creative collaboration of local professionals and the academic and educational projects at the Universität der Künst marked the development of the organization as well as the artistic direction of several productions at the Engelbrot Theatre (Miss Julie by August Strindberg, Bisse by Kay Adshead, frag-mente infernali by Pier Paolo Pasolini, Die Spitzeder by Martin Sperr). In 2011, TFS expanded its horizons even further and produced the US premiere of Bites by British playwright Kay Adshead. The play was produced in association with Kay Adshead’s company, Mama Quilla. Currently, TFS is planning its next production The Madwoman Of Chaillot in Los Angeles, California.