“frag-mente infernali” by P.P.Pasolini

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Frag-mente infernali – directed by Elena Vannoni and included in the program of the of the Italian Festival of the Theatre in Berlin – is an innovative play inspired by the Divina Memesis by Pier Paolo Pasolini. The text, built on a multi-languages notation, conducts the audience into a neo-capitalistic Inferno, in which Paolini-himself and Pasolini-Poet are seeking the meaning of Art and Poetry.


Pasolini-Virgilio, Roberto Mantovani

Pasolini-Dante, Tabea Heynig

Lupa, Alice Masprone

Lonza, Michaela Stella Bagnoli

Leone/Rinbaud, Gabriel Walsh


Guitar mandolino, Maria Bogdanova

Singer, Bianca Jannuzzi

Assisten Director, Alice Masprone

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