INK Festival with HerSheMe!

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This provocative movement piece appeared at ‘Acting Out INK Fest,’ a 3-day female playwrights’ festival, as an answer to the overly-didactic theater. Drawing its power from the animation of human bodies and their relationships in space, HerSheMe is the theater of the imagination, telling its story, not with screams but whispers. Suggesting but not describing, it makes playgoers active participants in a theatrical game that is truly a game.

Having no explicit narrative, the audience is potentially disoriented at first but ultimately transported to the world of their childhood, where imagination reigns, and objects can be anything. Which of us, as children, didn’t cover her head with a handkerchief and imagine herself invisible? By evoking rather than telling, HerSheMe allows playgoers to connect to their own individual experiences.

by Constance Strickland
Directed by Elena Vannoni
Music by Giorgio Piovan
Performed by
Karen Silbert, Kellie Holm, Alessia Patregnani

The Hudson Theatre Los Angeles


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