“Emigrants” by Sławomir Mrożek

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The play by Polish author Mrozek put on stage by director Elena Vannoni

Cohabitation, more than friendship, forces men to bare themselves. It is what happens to the protagonists of “Emigrants”, valuable play by the Polish author Slawomir Mrozek, superbly put on stage by director Elena Vannoni, just graduated from The National Academy of Dramatic Arts “Silvio D’Amico”. An intellectual and a clerk share a room under the stairs: the first one left his wife and his sons in his Country, hoping to save the money for a house; the other escaped for political matters and is writing his masterpiece. The New Year’s Eve will be crucial for a confrontation that will end up with extreme confessions: the parallel universes of the two men, fatally come in contact, will be condemned to an implosion, unless they manage to create a new balance.

The dialogue, used as a privileged territory for the conflict, the re-proposition of abject and symbolic actions – drinking, eating, the cigarette, the suitcase, the claustrophobic atmosphere, the continuous evocation of an alternative life, may it be the future, another’s life, lived listening to its noises or the natal country – make the intelligent staging of Elena Vannoni a work of great artistic
value and absolute social interest, creating a grotesque yet naturalistic show, enriched by the two excellent actors, Emilio De Marchi and Roberto Mantovani. In the background, precious considerations about politics and history: if we all have a common mission, who keeps us from building a better society?

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