“The Divine Mimesis” by Pier Paolo Pasolini

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“The mark which has dominated all my work is this longing for life, this sense of exclusion, which doesn’t lessen but augments this love of life.”
― Pier Paolo Pasolini

A reading from “The Divine Mimesis” by Pier Paolo Pasolini, in occasion of the Italian Republic Day, on June 2th, at the Pico House in Downtown Los Angeles.

TheatreFactory Studio celebrated the event through the words of Pier Paolo Pasolini, one of the most provocative Italian intellectuals, with a reading directed by Elena Vannoni.

“Solo, vinto dai nemici, noiosi superstite per gli amici, personaggio estraneo a me stesso…
Alone, conquered by enemies, a tiresome survivor to my friends, a strange to myself…
The circle is meeting around that center it has full of certainty: the world is outsite, radiant and indifferent.
E il cuore è straziato”

Only a mute voice in a time too busy by other things. This is the question that Pasolini asks himself: what role the artistic Creation plays and what role an intellectual has nowadays. Perhaps it is just to investigate this sense of capsizing where ephemeral turns essential, that the Poet travels again, like Dante before him, through his own Inferno, our own Inferno. A neo-capitalistic and materialistic Inferno where Resistance vacillates and escape is more and more the only solution.

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